Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Sofian Benissa 887efff211 Version bump to 0.8.14 vc 50. 2 days ago
  Sofian Benissa 4e611f367e Code Inspection 16/May/2022. 2 days ago
  Sofian Benissa 0a42c6ccb9 Changed main menu to the right side, removed profile image in app view because it was too large and no way of making it smaller in material tool bar. 6 days ago
  Sofian Benissa 2be1817570 Update Tor to 6 days ago
  Sofian Benissa 411fec3daf Removed string password restrictions. 1 week ago
  Sofian Benissa ab566d8c64 Fixed alert overlay style. 1 week ago
  Sofian Benissa 187b6119b5 Added no password mode when starting a new account. 1 week ago
  Sofian Benissa 7011080c66 Fix country route selector configuration write. 2 weeks ago
  Sofian Benissa cdeee8d54f Save vertical space by showing less profile pictures and less sender names when multiple messages arrive before replies from others. 2 weeks ago
  Sofian Benissa 2bd9892601 Added verify identity info string. 4 weeks ago
  Sofian Benissa 0739b2365e Version bump to 0.8.13. 1 month ago
  Sofian Benissa 3a93d8d48e Design changes. 1 month ago
  Sofian Benissa 8d25bf1029 Fixed unseen image not being visible enough. 1 month ago
  Sofian Benissa 22ac687f15 Version bump to 0.8.12. 1 month ago
  Sofian Benissa b2f1efaa29 Design changes. 1 month ago
  Sofian Benissa 69c8085431 Merge branch 'master' of 1 month ago
  Sofian Benissa cb1e173c32 Fixed notifications for Android12. 1 month ago
  dx b3d50d4ba0 Merge branch 'master' of EmanuelLoos/AnonymousMessenger into master 3 months ago
  Emanuel Loos 2cfbc2e3db Added, corrected and improved some translations 3 months ago
  Sofian Benissa 5d102f896f Changed to a more efficient method to delete old messages. 4 months ago
  Sofian Benissa 58c64bc21b Added sending ack after successful handling of files and media. 4 months ago
  Sofian Benissa 230e39d29c Changed unknown address pings to severe in the logs. 4 months ago
  Sofian Benissa cc2311698f Fixed typo. 5 months ago
  Sofian Benissa 9800d11e18 Added disappearing messages notice when there are no recent messages. 6 months ago
  Sofian Benissa 164a7044f4 Added suppressLayout when returning from MessageListActivity. 6 months ago
  Sofian Benissa 2864109e9c Design changes. 6 months ago
  Sofian Benissa 57a67b46bb Code Inspection October 27th. 6 months ago
  Sofian Benissa b705358944 Fixed applicationId for release 0.8.8 vc46. 6 months ago
  Sofian Benissa cce8f8528d Changelog update. 6 months ago
  Sofian Benissa e947592331 Version bump to 0.8.8 vc46. 6 months ago