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Welcome to AnonymousMessenger!

a peer to peer private anonymous and secure messenger that works over tor. It's also free and open source software which gives users the freedom of changing it and redistributing it under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.

As of December 2020 It's a still an ongoing effort and although fully functional it's only available for Android so far.

The project was started in July 2020, by Sofian Mahmoud Benissa (software developer also known as Drxtreme or DX) after a series of meetings with Alton James Steele (project funder) where the idea of the project was presented.


Double triple diffie-hellman end to end encryption

Completely peer to peer using hidden services

Cryptographic Identity Verification

Excellent Network Security

Voice Messages

Live Voice Calls over tor (alpha feature)

Text Messages

Metadata stripped media messages

Raw file sending of any size (100 GB+)

Both peers have to add each others onion addresses to be able to communicate

Disappearing messages by default

Encrypted file storage on Android

Screen security

How to use AnonymousMessenger

First get the app from the onion site or build as an android project from source.

Start the app on android and create an account, this will start a local encrypted database and setup tor and start an onion v3 service and setup a cryptographic identity on your phone.

After tor is done doing it's thing you will have an address you can share with who you want to contact you!

To contact someone both of you have to add each other's addresses in the add contact view.

When you add someone in your contacts the app will automatically start an encrypted session with that someone by exchanging key exchange messages for the second layer of encryption over the already e2e encrypted onion protocol connection.

And that's it, it's supposed to be easy to use and intuitive.

You now have 2 layers of e2e encryption without storing anything in any servers and only using onion v3 connections, all your messages are stored encrypted in your phone using your password, including all media messages and audio messages.

Security Tips:

Use a keyboard that respects your freedom and doesn't connect to the internet, we recommend using OpenBoard.

Uninstall Anonymous Messenger to delete your account and wipe everything.

Your data storage encryption is only as secure as your password, we recommend a long password made up of words that mean nothing to you.

Text is more secure and anonymous than anything else.

Share your address in the most secure way possible.

Build Anonymous Messenger from source if possible.

Verify identities.

We are adding a feature soon that enables you to have a secondary address or a temporary address so you can share that address publicly or using less secure means.

Website: https://anonymousmessenger.ly


F-droid repo: https://anonymousmessenger.ly/fdroid/repo


Git: https://git.anonymousmessenger.ly/dx/AnonymousMessenger


any feedback you have is very welcome.

We will start publishing pages about the decisions we make and the performance/security reports we make here soon.

Consider becoming a contributor by translating the project to your language or by testing and starting/fixing issues.